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Hal Tribble Architect

It seems to me that architecture is having a hard time deciding which dress to wear. Will it don the spectacular modern, the sustainable green, the faux Jeffersonian one, or perhaps the cyberspace generated outfit would be best? "Best" of course being relative to style based on consumer marketing values.


As an architect, I enjoy having my work built. Each project represents an accumulation of efforts, individually and collectively, necessary for its construction. To initiate these efforts I see good architecture beginning with solutions that evolve from conversations about the project with the client. Rather than questions being related to "style", I prefer those related to a building's program and the dictates of the site's topology and location, and to the basic questions of whay, what and how of the project. In this respect I think the early Modernists seem to be on the right path in their quest to break free of the traditional constraints of space and the formality of the facade, and instead link their designs to the contemporary lifestyle and materials of their time that would effect a better lifestyle.


In turn, I believe the design of good architecture is about providing clear, thoughtful - visionary design solutions that take into consideration options involving issues of sustainability and structural alternatives. I also believe in fundamental architectural principles that see elements of transition and circulation, and those that underlie providing organizational clarity and functional efficiency as interactive elements of design solution. Natural light should also be an integral element of the composition in terms of providing a connection to the site and nature - layering both interior and exterior space with changing patterns of light and shadows.


And again I refer back to the Modernist's principles when I say that a design's composition should strive to have its parts and detailing provide a consistency spatially, as well as aesthetically. Architecture should aspire to have the community walk more slowly when passing.



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